Our Brands

At Northern Threads we make sure that our products are the best quality and in order to do that we need to have the most prestigious and respected brands. All of our brands are very involved in the men’s fashion world and they’re very in the know about future and upcoming fashions. We bring you designs from a range of brands who design for different personalities and tastes. The majority of the brands that we stock are extremely well-known and distinguished throughout the fashion industry. A lot of celebrities are familiar with our brands for example Paul Weller, the typical mod from band ‘The Jam’, is a very popular face amongst the Fred Perry brand. We even stock Liam Gallagher’s (the frontman of band ‘Beady Eye’) very own brand Pretty Green here at Northern Threads.

The brands that we stock online are very influenced by the music fashion and the changes within music. We are very ‘what it says on the tin’ when it comes to our clothing, all of our brands are very ‘Northern music’. Our highly respected brands include HUGO BOSS Orange, Penguin and many more. It’s doubtful that you will fail to find something you like with such a wide selection.