Ryder Cup 2018

Ryder Cup 2018

The first Ryder cup match was contested in June 1927 and the first competition was held at Worcester Country Club and first blood was taken and won by the United States 9½–2½. Continuously now a battle between Europe and America this is a sporting competition highlight and a personal favourite here of the staff at Northern Threads. This year it is on European soil in the privileged and beautiful city of Paris. Can European powers re-lift the now American dominated Ryder Cup? Here at Northern Threads we are very passionate about sport and fashion and the influx and combination of the two really turns our fire into a roaring blaze. No other sport dominates the fashion industry like golf and really does stands alone, so we have in store or online all your garment needs. If you are watching the cup at home; we have Hugo Boss Loungewear which is perfect for relaxation and style. If you are watching the cup out at your local boozer or pub then why not take advantage of our classic Boss Athleisure range including our Paddy and Paule Polos or Ralph Lauren range including polo shirts and the cups main sponsor Lacoste which we stock mainline and sport; or if you are lucky enough to embrace the tournaments presence then we have caps; umbrellas; gloves and all your needs for that perfect golfing venture. We are extremely proud to stock the brands we do and have that influence and link with golf and other sports that we do.

The Ryder cup maybe in American hands but according to coach Sean Foley; he really believes Justin Rose the Englishman has the potential and determination to cause an upset and has issued a personal warning to US competition that the cup will change hands back to European this year. The United States hasn’t won consecutive Ryder Cups since it won three straight from 1989-1993 so that makes what he says a bit more believable well according to the bookmaker anyways.


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