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You get home, wash your hair and restyle it using the same products as the barber but it looks totally different – why?

Your first instinct may tell you that’s it’s because the guy who cuts your hair is a professional with years of experience and quite simply you’re not – however this isn’t the reason. The real reason it seems infuriatingly impossible to recreate that moment of post-haircut wonder is because you’ve been sitting in the chair for anywhere between 15-30 minutes and in that time your hair’s been pulled, combed, wetted, and the fingers of the barber have run through your locks. This effects how the hair falls.

The most important ingredient, and although this may sound slightly gross, is the oil from the barber’s hands that have been pulling your scalp’s natural oils through the follicles.

All-natural oils are actually some of the best and healthiest styling agents for your hair.

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Natural oils bring the hair down, giving it more texture while adding plenty of sheen. In all, the solution is simple – as simple as letting a random person run their fingers through your hair – or just not washing it as regularly. There you go – free license to be a dirtbag.

Though, not exactly. You do still need to wash it and if you’re a product kinda guy then ensure it is water-soluble so it comes out when you wash it. Hair products that contain the following ingredients are to be avoided – silicone, mineral oil, and petroleum as these require the cleaning power of shampoo and a lot of rubbing.

So, if you want that post-cut-perfect style, you can proceed with the above plan. Or you can just run your hands through your hair for 30 minutes every morning after you shampoo. Up to you.



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