Exclusive: Cruyff Classics Clothing

The exclusive drop of Cruyff Classics Clothing lands this December and Northern Threads is one of the first retailers in the world to receive it.

It is a hugely anticipated collection, largely fuelled by the massive love from their global fanbase for their iconic footwear. The delivery is due to arrive through our doors any time now and we can’t wait to get it out the boxes, photograph them and get them in the stores and online.

For now, here is a preview of the clothing you can expect from this brilliant brand…

Barcelona, Spain, 1979: Johan Cruyff asked his friend the famous designer Emilio Lazzarinni to help develop a functional and elegant brand of sportswear for the technical player.

What grew out of that was a collection of men’s footwear that embodied every quality Johan Cruyff possessed as a player: energy, strength, versatility and a drive to do more.

Cruyff Classics - Johan Cruyff2012 marks a major step forward with an ambitious men’s clothing range to sit alongside their already popular footwear collection. The launch was presented in the Netherlands via a catwalk show for the assorted press. Johan himself even made an appearance!

We can expect to find printed t-shirts, track jackets, colourful chinos and modern, functional sports-inspired clothing for the forward-thinking lad.

Cruyff Classics Clothing Launch - PressCruyff Classics Clothing Launch - CatwalkCruyff Preview


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