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Best & Worst Football Kits | 2013-14 24/07/2013

Best & Worst Football Kits | 2013-14

In a sport where money is no object, it beggars belief when clubs still continue to commission sportswear brands to design such awful kits for them. Proof that money can’t buy good taste? Thankfully there’s some great ones out there too… here’s our run-down of kits for the 2013-2014 season. There have been some truly dire football kits throughout the years – mostly in and around the 90s era – thankfully this season is fairly tame; there’s not too much to offend the eyes. That said, there’s still a couple... Read More

Yes & No's: Beach Etiquette 06/06/2013

Yes & No’s: Beach Etiquette

Our hometown where our two stores are based is right by the sea and has a pretty damn awesome beach if we do say so ourselves. So we know a thing or two about things you should and SHOULDN’T do while taking in some rays on sandy shores. You know what we English are like when the sun comes out, we’ve been totally deprived of it for months so we start to go a bit wild, we don’t know quite what to do with ourselves. Clothes are torn off and... Read More

Yes & No's: Football 19/04/2013

Yes & No’s: Football

In a new series for the blog called ‘Yes & No’s‘ we take a light-hearted approach to whatever happens to take our fancy. After there being a lot of media focus on football lately (mostly for bad reasons) that was the first topic that jumped into our minds. Modern football: a bastion of overpaid unprofessionalism but there are some heart-lightening moments too. Now don’t expect any sitting on the fence here – like you’d expect from Match of the Day pundits. Let’s tell it like it is… There’s been a... Read More