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Tumblr Of The Week #26

In our 26th installment of Tumblr of the Week, we bring you one of the funniest Tumblr’s we have come across. Animals can be generally quite funny, there are some brilliant pictures of animals throughout the internet, but have you seen animals with human limbs and more specifically, BIRDS WITH ARMS? This very simple concept of adding human arms to birds may seem like a daft thing to do, but it is one that is sure to make you laugh. I mean it’s not everydat you see a picture of... Read More


Tumblr Of The Week #25

MENSWEAR ENTHUSIAST: STAY FRESH. We’re back for another week, sharing with you the best blog we’ve found during our wanderings from the past 7 days. We bring you inspirational imagery for looking dashing with menswear blog The Tie Guy. Thousands of style tips on how to smarten up, all suited and booted. Including amazing accessories and lots of street-style photography, making the classic suit look cool and casual. If you have a favourite tumblr we should know about, contact us at


Tumblr of the week #24

WILL IT BEARD Ever wondered exactly what you can put in your beard all at once? Experience the weird and wonderful Tumblr of Will It Beard. Enjoy the comical slow motion videos and the consistent photography throughout. Can’t wait to see more from this in the future. Check him out on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube. Our Tumblr of the Week series is here to show you what blogs are worth adding to your dashboard each week. To take a look at our previous picks of the week you can click here to... Read More


Tumblr of the week #23

We’re picking up where we left off in October and continuing with our tumblr of the week. Now in our 23rd installment we bring you Cats That Look Like Pin Up girls. Exactly what it says on the tin really, simple but hilarious collection of images, put together and thought out amazingly. So spend 5 minutes scrolling through their blog, you will not be disappointed! Our Tumblr of the Week series is here to show you what blogs are worth adding to your dashboard each week. To take a look... Read More

Tumblr of the Week #22 02/10/2013

Tumblr of the Week #22

MUPPETS WITH PEOPLE EYES. Okay you might be thinking – what’s with the creepy choice of Tumblr this week? Well, it’s October so we’re putting it down to some kind of pre-Halloween spooky tension. But that’s besides the point anyway as this Tumblr genuinely is both good and creepy in equal measure – and who doesn’t like creepy-good? Yet again, as with most of our Tumblrs of the Week, it’s a very simple concept and yet it works so strongly. Take a photo of one of our favourite Muppets and... Read More

Tumblr of the Week #21 20/09/2013

Tumblr of the Week #21

DRAKE-ING BAD. What would happen if the nicest guy in hip-hop took the place of Walter White and other characters in key scenes from Breaking Bad? Well, it’d be hilarious for a start! That permanent smile is creepy and funny in equal measure. Not only that but the illustrations themselves are pretty damn impressive. The final episode of Breaking Bad is about to air this weekend so there’s a lot of excitement around it at the moment and this Tumblr acts as a refreshing comedy break from all the heavy/intense... Read More

Tumblr of the Week #20 14/09/2013

Tumblr of the Week #20

Some things go very well together, salt and vinegar, Laurel and Hardy and now… Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic series and Smiths lyrics. This Charming Charlie has been making some waves amongst some big media publication players such as Huffington Post and Rolling Stone. It works so well it’s surprising someone hasn’t done it sooner. ‘Peanuts’ is firmly slotted into the ‘iconic’ category due to its often melancholic and deep insights on life, not to mention giving us the characters of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. With Smiths lyrics over the top,... Read More

Tumblr of the Week #19 23/08/2013

Tumblr of the Week #19

Our 19th installment brings you a great one – MENSWEAR DOG. A dog that dresses even better than you do. Going directly from the blog’s description “Menswear Dog is a 3 year old shiba inu living in NYC with a panache for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches.” We’re not gonna lie, it was a pretty special moment when he followed us back on Twitter – we could just picture him... Read More

Tumblr of the Week #18 13/08/2013

Tumblr of the Week #18

Cop Selfies – does exactly what it says on the tin, there’s something innately funny about a cop in uniform taking a selfie. Naturally it’s also caused a bit of a stir amongst the do-gooders out there who see it as a waste of tax payer’s money… maybe they have a point. Either way, it makes for interesting browsing. Ever found yourself in a riot and thought to yourself, “This is the perfect opportunity for a selfie”? These guys have. Our favourites are below. This is our eighteenth installment of... Read More

Tumblr of the Week #17 01/08/2013

Tumblr of the Week #17

The Joy of Six – the best of Vine, all in one place. Named after the length of time each Vine video lasts. Since Vine launched a few months back it has exploded with creative people constantly trying to out-do one another with just how far they can push the boundaries (and all within just 6 seconds). This blog contains some of the genuinely most innovative uses of the video channel we’ve ever seen. Out favourites are below. This is our seventeenth installment of our Tumblr of the Week feature... Read More