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Blue Monday: Tips to avoid the January blues

So apparently many of you are suffering from a syndrome today known as “Blue Monday”. Symptoms to look out for are mostly depression and sad face emoji’s 🙁 as today, Monday 18th of January is the most depressing day of the whole year. It’s completely reasonable to be feeling these blues what with the aftermath of Christmas, not only has it ended but it’s left our pockets lighter and our waists wider 🙁 We’re not even making this up, some really intelligent (and clearly depressed) people have created a formula to prove it... Read More


Your Christmas Guide to Gift Giving by Northern Threads

  We know that it’s still another 2 months before Christmas day but there’s nothing worse than that last minute rush to get all your presents bought, wrapped and under the tree in time! So fear not because you’ve got us to help prevent this from happening to you! We’ve constructed the perfect guide to gift giving for men so listen up women because we know how hard we are to shop for! Below we have all the necessary stocking fillers and then some, from some of our finest brands including Hugo... Read More


STYLE | The Modern Man’s Guide to Beards

A beard is just about the most on-trend accessory you can pull on this season! The key is not over analyzing it. Nothing too manicured or manscaped. Nothing too wild and overgrown. You want to look like you’ve let go. A little, at least.. Myth #1: Certain foods make your beard grow quicker. “No food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. However, we do need amino acids or protein in our diet to grow hair. For instance, guys who are anemic often experience beard thinning.” Myth #2: If you shave... Read More

How To | Keep It Barbershop Fresh 21/08/2013

How To | Keep It Barbershop Fresh

You get home, wash your hair and restyle it using the same products as the barber but it looks totally different – why? Your first instinct may tell you that’s it’s because the guy who cuts your hair is a professional with years of experience and quite simply you’re not – however this isn’t the reason. The real reason it seems infuriatingly impossible to recreate that moment of post-haircut wonder is because you’ve been sitting in the chair for anywhere between 15-30 minutes and in that time your hair’s been... Read More

How To: Care for Leather 10/07/2013

How To | Care for Leather

In our era of cheap, throwaway clothing a lot of men don’t appreciate the care you need to give your clothing – especially ones that are made of a material that requires at least some level of T.L.C. When you can buy a t-shirt for £2.00 most people think, ‘Why care for it when I can buy another?’ It’s tough to argue with that but when it comes to LEATHER PRODUCTS – that often cost a fair chunk – it’s vital that you take care of them from time to... Read More

How To: Best Man's Speech 19/06/2013

How To: Best Man’s Speech

It’s the summer i.e. the time most people choose to get married, so what better time to give you a few handy pointers on making your Best Man’s speech? Do you flop or do you shine? There’s only one way to go – so which will it be? Here’s how to make sure your speech goes down a storm. It’s a highly charged, generally emotional, day for all involved so your Best Man’s speech should be seen as a light-hearted, refreshing end point. A chance for the gents to open... Read More

How To: Pack a Suitcase 27/05/2013

How To: Pack a Suitcase

Packing for a trip is an art form in its own right, meaning it can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully there are some one-approach-fits-all basic tips that make the whole process a lot smoother. Unlike most packing tips aimed at ladies that encourage them not to take too much, almost the opposite is the case for men. A lot of us either under-pack (simply take too little and forget the essentials) or take all the wrong things. A lot of this is thanks to years of relying on our mothers... Read More

How To: Care For Suede 12/05/2013

How To: Care For Suede

Suede is being used more and more on the upper layers of men’s footwear – from classic desert boots to casual trainers even now sporting the material. So there’s a huge demand from you guys wanting to know how best to care for this temperamental material – it’s a notoriously difficult material to keep looking as it should. Below is a no-nonsense guide on how to do exactly that. When suede looks bad, it really looks bad and is a potential outfit destroyer so you gotta put the effort in.... Read More


How To: Iron Shirts

They’re the trickiest item of clothing to iron and the only item of clothing that really does need ironing! A deadly combo. Not to worry, help is at hand… I haven’t met a single person who enjoys ironing – it’s one of those mind numbing, often time consuming, tasks that makes you slowly lose the will to live. You may even stop wearing shirts altogether because it’s easier to leave them hanging creased in your wardrobe than iron them for what might only be one wear. It is worth it... Read More


How To: Dress for a Night Out

Working out how to dress for the cold winter nights can be a tough one. You’re going to be indoors a lot but do you really want hypothermia in the taxi queue? We understand why a lot of men – especially of the northern variety – don’t wear more than one layer on top because they can’t be bothered to shed a layer and have to leave it somewhere and risk losing it. Plus, they want to appear tough by being able to handle the cold weather but no matter... Read More