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5 Things | Mens Hairstyles 2014

1. The Quiffed Side Part – keep your cut classic and refined with the back and sides short but not exposing too much of the scalp. The most popular style so far of 2014, I think we have the 1950’s to thank for this. Basically, just keep the top of your hair long, use a small tooth comb for your refined side partnering and blow dry the length of your hair to give it body whilst running your fingers through it. 2. Modern/Extreme Pompadour – Choosing to keep more length through... Read More


5 Things | Classic Childhood Christmas Presents – Staff Picks

With Christmas right around the corner, the staff here at Northern Threads has compiled a list of our favourite childhood toys we got for Christmas.  We all have the memories of those things we received as kids for Christmas, the stocking fillers and the things we’d been waiting for all year. The good and the bad we can all remember, the new thing on the scene that we just had to have, along with the board game that would make an appearance every year.   These are just a few... Read More

5 Things | Fred Perry Stories 18/09/2013

5 Things | Fred Perry Stories

Fred Perry are steeped in a history that is very closely linked to music subcultures and underground fashion trends. Their iconic tipped polo shirt has been the top of choice for almost every influential subculture since the formation of the brand in the Fifties. In this ‘5 Things’ feature, we take a brief look at five pivotal moments in the Fred Perry story. When you buy Fred Perry – ensure you understand the heritage you’re buying into. From football fans in the Fifties, Mod and Northern Soul in the Sixties,... Read More

5 Things | You Didn't Know About Converse 02/09/2013

5 Things | You Didn’t Know About Converse

We’re all familiar with their iconic trainers but there’s a few unknown stories about this long-running American footwear brand – Converse. For our first ‘5 Things‘ feature we’re looking at one of our best-known brands and dredging up some hidden secrets from this 100 year old company. You may look at the classic Converse design and think – can there really be that many secrets about these famous trainers? Well, after some digging you’d be surprised how little information is out there as common knowledge. So here’s 5 quick facts... Read More