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10 Greatest: Celeb Summer Style Fails 05/07/2013

10 Greatest | Celeb Summer Style Fails

The vacations of the rich and famous hardly compare to the internet package holidays we find ourselves on each year (and even that seems like a luxury). No, while we’re content with grabbing a sun lounger before anyone else near the pool, celebrities are jetting off to exotic locales and sipping cocktails that cost more than you earn in a week. So maybe as a way of making ourselves feel a little better, we’ve decided to pick out the 10 Greatest Celeb Summer Style Fails. Wahoo. Yes, they do make... Read More

10 Worst: Products for Men 31/05/2013

10 Worst: Products for Men

Our ‘10 GREATEST‘ series has proven very popular – covering a diverse mix of things; ranging from Streetwear Brands to favourite Simpsons Stylings. Well, now it’s time for a twist on that by making a list of 10 of the WORST things we’ve seen. There have been some truly awful inventions down the years and a lot of them have been aimed at men. I know there’s a lot of issues that men would like to have solved by some genius invention… unfortunately none of these are that. These are... Read More

10 Greatest: Sneaker Influencers 31/08/2012

10 Greatest: Sneaker Influencers

Sneakers are avidly followed by a lot of people, reason being? Well, there’s a lot really – they’re collectible, a must-have (unless you prefer going barefoot), plus they’re highly associated with street culture meaning they’re ‘cool’. They’re only cool if you invest in the best styles however, no one wants to be seen in a pair of lame kicks. Sneakers have grown from being tailor-made sports shoes for athletes to staple leisurewear that have cemented themselves a place in every man’s closet. But it wasn’t always like this, so who... Read More

10 Greatest: Alternative Style Icons 13/07/2012

10 Greatest: Alternative Style Icons

There’s a lot of lists out there of men’s style icons but what about those alternative well dressed men out there? Well, this list is for them – the guys out there who probably aren’t even aware they’re setting trends and inspiring men the world over – it’s instinctive, it’s un-thought of but works so well. Here’s 10 men who we feel deserve a bit of attention and praise. Previously we’ve done run downs of the 10 Greatest streetwear brands, Fresh Prince outfits and Simpsons stylings which are worth a... Read More

10 Greatest: Simpsons Stylings 01/06/2012

10 Greatest: Simpsons Stylings

10 Greatest is a series that has been going down very well with yourselves, read the first two by clicking here (Streetwear Brands and Fresh Prince Outfits). For the third instalment we decided to take a look at style icons from an unusual source, The Simpsons. You may be saying, hang on – don’t they all just wear the same outfits every episode? Well in a lot of them sure they do, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a sartorial goldmine. Scroll further down the page and take... Read More

10 Greatest: Fresh Prince... 01/05/2012

10 Greatest: Fresh Prince Outfits

The first ‘10 Greatest‘ feature was on the best streetwear brands the world has ever seen, you can catch up on that HERE. So here we go, continuing our breakdown of the 10 Greatest things from every corner of life, from the well known to the weird and wonderful. It could be something to do with the repeats playing every weekday evening on TV, but the Fresh Prince of Bel Air has been on my mind a lot lately. Watching a few episodes back with my 21st Century retrospect I’m... Read More

10 Greatest: Streetwear 16/04/2012

10 Greatest: Streetwear Brands

We’re big fans of streetwear and here’s our list of the 10 greatest/most influential brands to ever grace this planet. This is gonna become a regular feature for us – bringing you a list of the 10 Greatest of, well, whatever we feel is worth talking about really. Let’s talk quickly about exactly what defines ‘streetwear’… True traditional streetwear appeals to a spectrum of subcultures (skateboarding and hip-hop mostly). Stussy was one of the pioneers of apparel using the term ‘streetwear’ to define what they were putting out. They were... Read More