Best & Worst Football Kits | 2013-14

In a sport where money is no object, it beggars belief when clubs still continue to commission sportswear brands to design such awful kits for them. Proof that money can’t buy good taste? Thankfully there’s some great ones out there too… here’s our run-down of kits for the 2013-2014 season.

There have been some truly dire football kits throughout the years – mostly in and around the 90s era – thankfully this season is fairly tame; there’s not too much to offend the eyes. That said, there’s still a couple of face twisters that have led us to think, who’s more to blame – the shirt sponsors who designed them or the football club for agreeing to them?

Let’s not focus solely on the negative, as there’s some truly fantastic designs to get excited over in the run-up to the new season and the release of the replica shirts for you to get your grubby paws on.

Manchester City: Nike Away Kit 2013-14

CLUB: Manchester City F.C.

KIT: Away


Since their home kit rarely drifts away from the status quo, we’ll take a look at their all-black away kit. Clubs traditionally steer away from making black kits as they clash with the referee’s most-worn colour and end up as a rarely worn almost-third-kit. They chose Hong Kong (where they’ll be competing in the Barclays Asia Trophy) as the location to reveal the design that harks back to Man City’s 1890-91 era.

VERDICT: Thumbs up

Fulham: Adidas Home Kit 2013-14

CLUB: Fulham F.C.

KIT: Home


Contenders! Are you ready? Gladiators! Are you ready?

This new Fulham home kit that will be gracing the Craven Cottage pitch this season wouldn’t look out of place on the 90s TV show Gladiators. We think it’s mainly the black v-shape below the neck that’s causing it. Adidas have broken away from their one-blueprint-fits-all design for this kit although we kinda wish they hadn’t.

VERDICT: Thumbs down

Manchester United: Nike Home Kit 2013-14

CLUB: Manchester United F.C.

KIT: Home


Now this is a kit! Arguably our favourite in the entire English Premier League for this season – Nike have surpassed themselves with some seriously nice looking jerseys of late. The success lies in the details: the new 2013-2014 kit sees the return of the black collar – a staple of United uniforms during their championship runs of the 1990s. The collar can also be unbuttoned and turned up – paying homage to a certain karate-kicking French Old Trafford legend. The three-button neckline is pretty nice too.

VERDICT: Big thumbs up.

Liverpool: Warrior Away Kit 2013-14

CLUB: Liverpool F.C.

KIT: Away


First of all – Warrior? Nope, we hadn’t heard of them either until old Google came to the rescue, and with good reason it would seem. The Liverpool home kit; okay that’s fine it’s hard to go wrong with solid red but the away kit!? Gaaaah.

You’ll have to be a warrior with balls of steel to wear this shirt around Liverpool! Even the official press release only make it sound even worse, once you realise where the inspiration came from.

Let’s just say “modern retro” and “inspired by the patterns and graphics featured in the kits of the 1980s” are not phrases you wanna read.

VERDICT: Thumbs down.

Sunderland: Adidas Away Kit 2013-14

CLUB: Sunderland A.F.C.

KIT: Away


Why do sports manufacturers keep designing solid home kits and then go crazy on the away one? The away kit is less traditional, sure and can be changed sometimes entirely each season but why yellow? The orange armpit detail has set social media ablaze with disgust; it’s only a small detail but it means a lot to these passionate football fans!

On the plus side, at least the players won’t have any trouble finding their fellow teammates to pass to – just look for the blindingly luminous thing running at you.

VERDICT: A reluctant thumbs down.

Cardiff: Puma Home Kit 2013-14

CLUB: Cardiff City F.C.

KIT: Home


The new owners coming in and changing the club colour of the Bluebirds to red wasn’t a popular decision to put it politely. I’m sure the Cardiff fans wouldn’t mind so much if the strip was good-looking but unfortunately it isn’t all that great. Plus, the Malaysian owners won’t have endeared themselves to the Welsh faithful by turning the front of the shirt into a Malaysia tourist board advert.

VERDICT: Thumbs down.

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