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Weekend Offender: Back To...

‘Back to Our Roots’ Weekend Offender

Weekend Offender have just released new campaign shots for their new season range, here’s a selection of them below. A lot of people aren’t aware that fashion label, Weekend Offender has its roots in Merthyr Mydfil, Wales. With its gritty edge, their store in London’s Soho and the fact that the owners are both now based there you’d be forgiven for thinking that was where it all originated. Well, these boys will never forget where they came from so for their spring/summer 2012 campaign they picked, not an expensive photo studio but the council estate they grew up on and Merthyr Tydfil football ground as their locations.

Have you ever had a look on their Facebook page? It’s a hilarious daily read so we recommend you do. It’s been a must-read for us for a while, they’ve also got a special page dedicated to the goings on in and around their Soho store including the best and worst dressed passers by. The shots below are pretty perfect really and fit in exactly with what the brand is about; attitude, visually arresting clothing that takes it inspiration from terrace casuals, the acid house scene and the music/film worlds.


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